Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Enjoy the beautiful face of Fan Bingbing

Hair tufts highly revealing elegant contours of the face, beloved woman 'Dong Feng Wu' appears on the gorgeous star Lieu Van Long.

Wear eye with 'a girl'

Beautiful actress in 'Youth of the Truong Tam Phong' show off slim figure and face a delicate series of images through the latest fashion.
Oval face, high nose and looks radiant as always the most attractive feature in the "ancient beauty" Ho Tinh. A short time after birth, she kept the body slimming look admirable. Currently, they come are so busy with comedy project - called love Pit Love.

Shin Se Kyung confident bunch shape with map

The actress best known for films High kick through the roof unveiled the latest images Arena magazine titled "Sexy girl mafia."
High kick through the roof ended more than a month ago but the image still Shin Se Kyung coverage with a maximum density on the mass media in Korea. Once transformed into a beautiful young girl, charming girl Vogue magazine, Se Kyung refresh yourself with mafia figures sexy women in a series of Arena magazine. The dress was pretty tight, but people in the area helped her shoot the breeze attracted her curves.
Watch a bunch of photos Shin Se Kyung Arena magazine

Shin Se Kyung beam images on the Vogue girl romance

Jang Dong Gun wife look lovely breeze

Actress Go So Young, wife of famous actor in Korea, boasts lovely design with the latest images InStyle magazine in May.

First Chinese students: New refectory Gray

Ton Van Dinh, the most famous female students worldwide network, has just released the stunning image entitled 'Shanghai Nights'.