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Tien Huynh - a 14 foot tall old property "crisis" 180cm

Start entering the new model village ... a month ago, but Tien Huynh was fortunate to appear in a major fashion event had occurred, "Night Meeting 4 feet long." This kid in real life she is very childish and cute.
Date 14 / 5 last, in "Night 4 feet long meeting" took place at the White Palace, 14-year-old girl, the first high-1m8 on stage, appearing with the sauce as it is known as a model. This immediately became the focus of many people.
Huỳnh Tiên - chân dài 14 tuổ

Tien Huynh as a model in "Night Meeting foot long 4" had occurred at 14 / 5
Reportedly, her you're just training to become a model ... a month ago but is considered one of the great potential to become "super model" for the height property is extremely prominent. You are that she Pham Thuy Tien HuynhAre studying in class 9 Phan Sao Nam (Ho Chi Minh City), let we've acquainted with new friends nhé!
FullName: Pham Thuy Tien Huynh
Nickname: Tien Huynh
Birth: 08/09/1995
Junior High School ninth grade are Phan Sao Nam
As a sample of companies Venus
Hobbies: singing, dancing and shopping.
Hi Tien, how you feel when you first step onto the stage with one blow, the famous supermodel in a big program like this?
Initially I felt very nervous, because I was only 14 years old but only, not a lot of experience step on the catwalk, but this also appears with you more professional, so I blow my heart turns to always throbbing. But slowly the feeling he is settled, the brothers and sisters who form a very friendly, happy to chat with each other, air straw that made me less worried, gradually get the confidence to complete the good work themselves.
Are known to be the company you just Venus training within a month, so your fate to the modeling work is like?
Today is a day that really surprised, I went shopping near his apartment house, then suddenly have to start talking and he invited her to participate as a model. He named í Vu Khac Tiep - Company directors Venus. He heard the invitation, you and your family had to think very long, partly for fear of ... trick, partly because I was still in school. But gradually, after a very thorough understanding, I know that this is a reputable company and it was really a very interesting offer that I certainly should not deny it.
Participate in such a model becomes, what about learning about you?
I still go to school regularly and try to get the best exam results for the third high school favorite, this year is my senior year that. I only practiced one week at the company on two weekends only, and later all the same show if his schedule will also "cancel" out. His favorite subjects are: Mathematics, Literature and Music. I like looking at everyone around her is a man of knowledge, good education, not just rely on one person looks to go modeling.
Your height is outstanding compared to your age, have you ever felt afraid of this?
Previously true that I feel "shy" because of this but now I'm really proud of it. Height was originally prompted her to feel so far away from friends I, but gradually entered the field as a model, I understand that it is a great advantage for the job. With the back, still playing very good friends with her, i liked your very own, every time I go is always hanging with me, Where your friends have played together since the external appearance, right?
To own such an ideal height, you might have a diet very reasonable?
Hi, actually I think his height is now enjoyed by the gene from their parents rather than by diet. My whole family who is also very high, high 1m67 his mother, three is 178 cm, his sister is a high-1m72 and a brother anymore. What about the diet until his training to become a new model, I must abstain from so many.
In the past after school, alone or together with friends to sip something else out of this dish, but now other then, are the items labeled "fat" no matter what their size to good control. Friends sometimes find myself craving something that tried to prevent it, í you bring me a bottle of water, force it to drink all for it, so will not even eat anymore.
I see you share that love singing, so you dream of becoming a singer?
Their very participation in the school's arts program, I enjoy singing so much the dream of his most burning is becoming a singer. Later, of course, will still pursue her modeling work, striving to become more professional, but if a singer is really a very wonderful thing. I always hope this dream will come true there!
Thanks Korea for sharing and hope Korea will succeed in carrying out the dream of yourselves!

Some pictures Tien Huynh:

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